The Original 'Scentimentals' Eco Resin Essential Oil Rollerball Necklace 'Goddess'

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Beautifully unique & practical eco resin necklace for the essential oil devotee!

Add 5 or so drops of your favourite blend or single oil into the bottle ( oil key from eBay / rollerball supplier or a carefully managed knife makes it easy to get the roller part off) , top up with your chosen carrier oil ( I use fractionated coconut oil) & replace roller part.

Roll on wrists & behind the ears for fragrance & healing properties whenever you wish!

Gently screw bottle back into lid (please don’t screw in tightly).

A gorgeous accent tassel and bead dangle is added for extra sparkle & fun. This can also be removed via clasp attachment if wanting a more simplified look.

Simply hang on a jewellery display or door knob when not in use to keep bottle upright.

This is a ResArtDesigns Original.

ūüĆŅFREE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND AVAILABLE! > please request at checkout! ūüĆĽ

* Design may differ item to item, such is the handmade nature of my products.

* Please exercise caution when wearing pendant as rollerball is made of glass.

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