ResArtDesigns 'Scentimentals' Eco Resin Natural Therapies Rollerball Necklace - Extendable Black Non-Leather Cord

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Each 'Scentimentals' Essential Oil Rollerball Pendant contains either ethically and locally hand collected dried natural materials, vintage components, crystal or semi precious stone chips, or selected pigments. The Eco friendly resin is hand measured, mixed & poured into moulds (unique to ResArtDesigns) and left to cure over 2 days.

Each piece is then sanded through various grits of sand paper, buffed & washed in warm soapy water. A rollerball bottle & extendable black non-leather cord are then attached.

* Design may differ very slightly item to item, such is the handmade nature of my products.

* Please exercise caution when wearing pendant as rollerball is made of glass.

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