ResArtDesigns Handcrafted Eco Resin Earrings Crystal Wedge "Toffee"

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These earrings are created from a mould of a real quartz crystal, giving them their beautifully unique textured finish and feel.

Each set of earrings contains either ethically and locally hand collected dried natural materials, vintage components, or selected pigments. The Eco friendly resin is hand measured, mixed & poured into moulds ( some unique to ResArtDesigns) and cure over 48 hrs.

Each piece is then sanded through various grits of sand paper, buffed, washed & hand made earrings hooks are attached.

The earring hooks are made from 100% recycled & sustainable Aregntium Silver.

Length - 4.5cm including hook

* Design/depth of colour may differ item to item, such is the nature of resin.

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