DIY Eco Resin Botanical Jewellery Kit ~ Bangle (Large to XL sizes)

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When the creative urge hits, be ready!

Make your own eco resin botanical bangles right there at home.

This kit has enough resin to allow you to make TWO different bangles!

Choose your bangle design from the options, suited to your own measurements & style.

Choose TWO different botanical mixes to get a new look each time!

What's in the kit..

hand cast mould >> CHOOSE ONE STYLE

botanicals >> CHOOSE TWO MIXES

resin & hardener (enough for 2 sessions!)

mask (can be re-used)

plastic apron (can be re-used)

disposable gloves x 2 pair >> CHOOSE SIZE

measuring cup (can be re-used)

2 x stirrers & toothpicks


1 x 10ml syringe (can be re-used)

ResArtDesigns Own template (can be laminated for longevity)

Wet & dry sandpaper

Polishing Creme


Baking paper lining (to prevent resin sticking to bottom of box)

Recycled Kraft bag for storage of materials while your bangle is curing in box

What is NOT in the kit~ Have on hand before starting

Session One

Paper towel/toilet paper roll


Table cover ( or use an old display folder back cover)

Chux wipe


Session Two

old hand towel

squeeze bottle with water

Polishing cloth

*Eco-Resin refills available in Studio.

Your mould can be used several times over.!

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