Eco-resin Drawer Knob ‘Orchid Maiden’


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Individually hand poured eco-resin drawer knob suitable for medium weight/use.

Incorporating natural Maidenhair fern and Spiegeleiorchidee – ‘Fried egg-orchid’ Dendrobium thyrsiflorum flowers, this handcrafted drawer knob will impart that special uniqueness to a new or old piece of furniture.

Each knob measures 4cm in height, 4.5cm wide across ‘face’, and 3.2cm across ‘base’.

Each knob comes with 50mm M4 snap-off screw – featuring 5 ‘break points’ on which to snap off

(pliers work well).

Please Note! Measure the depth of the drawer face, take into account a countersunk hole, and the fact the threaded insert thread starts 5mm in from top of base. Thus, add 5mm to your measurement so you ensure the screw will tighten into the thread.

PS..yes, there ARE air bubbles present…. in no way do they make the item structurally compromised.

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