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Wanting to try something new.? Really want to personalize that special gift.? Want to learn more about resin work?

Take part in a MAKE YOUR OWN Eco-Resin Botanical Jewellery workshop! This is a basic starter workshop.

I will guide you through all the steps of making your own bangle, from how to place inclusions in your mould, measuring & pouring the eco-resin, right through the sanding and polishing process.

Please note, each workshop is comprised of two separate sessions. The bio-resin used is not a quick set resin.

Pet Ash Memorial Jewellery

Encapsulate the memory of your beloved companion forever in a piece of jewellery you can wear close to your heart even when they have left this earthly plane. 

Pet Rest Cremations on the Sunshine Coast will provide caring advice re final preparations, and have some of our sample jewellery on hand.

Or, simply contact ResArtDesigns when you are ready to discuss designs. 

Bridal Bouquet Bespoke Jewellery

Your wedding day goes by SO FAST..! Its hard to remember every moment in the blur of emotions, happiness, family & friends. Oh, and CAKE 😉

Preserve your day in jewellery form so you’ll always be reminded of that special moment. 

Bridal Party packages available.. incorporating necklaces, earrings, brooches, cufflinks.. even wine stoppers! 

Did you know the a little lock of your childs hair can be preserved in eco resin in a design of your choice! Such as a lock of hair, on a base of sand, tiny shells and ocean blue will become your favourite piece of jewellery because it means so much! 

Childs Lock of Hair Keepsake Jewellery

Custom Designs

This is where YOU become the DESIGNER!! Love a piece of jewellery but want it in a different colour or shape? Thinking of a festive party design? 

I can work with your ideas to come up with a piece that reflects your individual personality & style.

Just ask! 


We’ve all got at least one piece of jewellery in the back of the drawer that’s broken, but you just love it so much you CAN’T throw it out.! 

Get in touch today to see if I can breathe some life back into that favourite item..!

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