Lock of hair Keepsake Jewellery

Don’t know what to do with the little lock of hair you snipped way back when..?

Preserve it in an eco resin custom jewellery design !

Design a piece that will become your favourite piece of jewellery ever.. because it means so much.

Custom Designs

This is where YOU become the DESIGNER!! Love a piece of jewellery but want it in a different colour or shape? Thinking of a festive party design?

I can work with your ideas to come up with a piece that reflects your individual personality & style.

Just ask!

Resin jewellery repairs

We’ve all got at least one piece of jewellery in the back of the drawer that’s broken, but you just love it so much you CAN’T throw it out.!

Get in touch today to see if I can breathe some life back into that favourite item..!

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