My Eco Resin Journey

Eco Resin… the organic forms, geometric angles and varied applications of use amazes me! Over the past year & a half I have been creating my very own handmade pieces..good times 🙂 

I use 2 brands of sustainable and environmentally kind eco resin (entropyresins and cooe) and also use 100% sustainable Australian made Argentium Sterling Silver 935 in my handmade earring hooks. Learn more here.

The Process

Each eco resin piece is of my favourite things about this creative process. There can be no exact mix of pigments, no two leaves or flower will ever be the same. Your item will always stand out from the rest. While I do backorders, please do keep this in mind. And please allow up to 2 weeks for a backorder fulfilment (time will be needed to specially collect & dry organic matter if not already in ‘stock’, and to then it’ll take a little time to create your item). 

Each eco resin piece is created, start to finish, by me.! I hand pour the resin, sand through 3 levels of sand paper grit.. buff, polish & then wash each item with warm soapy water to clean any residue. Due to the handmade process some air bubbles may be present..I like to think of them as a feature.! They will not affect the structural integrity of your piece. You can clean your item by following these guidelines.

You can also request your Resartdesigns eco resin item be gift bagged if it’s a present for a loved one, which will be posted with a card containing your message ( postage paid by purchaser). Just add their address at checkout.

​And hey, thanks so much for supporting local fledgling designers like myself, it means the world to us!

Yours in eco-style,

Nina x