Bespoke Wedding Jewellery

If you’ve ever been married you’ll know just how quickly the day goes’s a blur, seriously!

So much planning goes into your big day..from the gown, to the food, seating, venue, photography..the list goes on!!

And the bouquet..the piece de resistance.

These days there is a bounty of flora & foliage to choose from. From traditional roses to natives, tropical to boho. We are lucky to have so much choice. So what started this bouquet tradition.? I was keen to find out..

One story was that the bouquet was initially introduced into the bridal outfit to cover body odour?! Back in the 15th/16th century we didn’t have many baths…perhaps one a year according to history. Eww.

May was bath month, and thus June was the month for getting married, cause you know, being so fresh n all 😉 To be sure of ones freshness tho, a bouquet of flowers was held close in case ones bath a month ago wasn’t holding..

Another quirky point to note and perhaps be very thankful for; back then we were also quite superstitious (no) and believed the bride was an amazing token of good the guests would tear off shreds of her dress for a lucky talisman!

Over time brides-to-be got wise to this and decided to share their bouquet instead, and also flung their garter for good measure, keeping their dress and dignity intact.

Thanks goodness times have changed!! Now days things are a little more subdued, and clean..!

Our bouquet is a tangible reminder of your big day, but alas is gone all too soon also…

That is where I step in!

I am now creating bespoke wedding jewellery packages modelled on my existing styles. Truly one-off pieces to wear each and every day to remind you of that magical moment when two became one. Order pieces for just your husband and yourself ( that’s right, I do mens stuff too!) or order something for the whole bridal party.

Email me at and I will send you an order form for your perusal. A package takes around 2 weeks for completion. If you would like to present your items as a wedding day gift, orders must be presented at least 4 weeks ahead of the big day and access to flowers must be locally possible at least 2 weeks before the day. Another option is using similar flowers to yours so time is not such a defining factor (and pressure!).

The lovely Sally from That Little Flower Shop is my local ‘store’ point of check out her stunning arrangements on her Facebook and Instagram pages, or pop in to her beautiful shop! Based in Buderim until mid September address moving forward will be 42a Aerodrome Rd Maroochydore Qld(opposite Sizzler)!