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Why Choose ResArtDesigns.?

I use sustainable and environmentally kinder eco resin which is USDA approved 37% bio based (entropyresins) and also use 100% recycled & sustainable Australian made Argentium Sterling Silver 935 in my handmade earring hooks and pendant chains.

Flowers, leaves, shells etc are found locally, and ethically. Any non-found inclusions are sourced from local florists and/or markets which I attend. 

Rest assured there can be no exact mix of pigments, no two leaves or flower will ever be the same. 

Your item will ALWAYS stand out in the crowd. 

Yours in eco-style. 


I've been wearing my earrings for a couple of weeks now and have had so many comments. Beautiful original jewellery! Love it! Thank you! 

Kath C

About Me


store owner

At the end of 2016 I did a crazy thing.. I took a huge gamble & quit my job of 20+ years..without the support of my hard working & understanding husband it just wouldn't have worked - thank you  SO much hubs.. & I'm so much happier now.. ;)

Before this I dabbled in other crafty-ness, but it wasn't fulfilling my need to be 100% involved in the creation process - from start to finish. I craved more!  It wasn't long after that  I started ResArtDesigns.

Since then I have learnt on the fly.. watching the occasional youtube video to understand a concept, and for the most part good ol' trial and error has been my go to plan ( there's been stuff ups.. trust me!). Typical gungho Cancerian ;)

But hey, I've enjoyed the whole process, and I'm so excited to keep learning for many years to come so I can continue to create fresh, eco-friendly & individual designs for you guys. And I'm consistently inspired talking with you about new design ideas at my local markets. 

And at the end of the day it wouldn't be possible at ALL without the ongoing support from YOU, so 



You can also purchase from a selection of my 100% hand made ResArtDesigns items at the following retailers - 

That Little Flower Shop


AND find me at the Sunshine Coast Collective Market (see Facebook page for deets)

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